How to Find a Real Estate Agent You Can Count On

Real estate transactions can be a pain, to make life easier for yourself when selling a property it is always a good idea to find yourself a good real estate agent.  The question is, how do you find a good real estate agent?  Though many believe that the biggest brokerages host most of the best agents in the market, this is not always the case.  You need a professional with a wealth of experience who would listen to your needs and requests with great attention and deliver the best possible value for your property.

The Difference between a Realtor and Real Estate Agents

A Realtor would be licensed to sell real estate properties under the authority of a license however this may not be the case for Real estate agents. Some real estate agents are not officially licensed and may not be under a pledge to follow a code of ethics. This code of ethics is the foundation for all professionals in the industry, describing standards of practice and conduct towards clients. The first step of getting yourself a proper agent is to ensure he or she is licensed, which means they would follow all industry standards. It is actually required by law so be wary of so called “professionals” that do not have a license.


You might want to consider some recommendations from people you trust and look for an agent with an established name in the market.  If a family member or a close friend tells you of a good agent who gave them a good experience while selling property, then you might want to look in that agent. They might be the right one for you as well. Most real estate agents stay in business due to recurring clients or glowing recommendations from previous clients. Any agent has to be oriented towards customer service and exceed the expectations of their clients at all times. If you find an agent who does not go beyond their core responsibilities, then you probably found yourself an inefficient agent.

Do Some Research Online

There would be many sources of information online referring you to a lot of great real estate agents in the market however one must take care to only take the word of trusted sites. Customer reviews can be viewed online and this would give you an idea as to who is in demand in the market. Professionals would have dynamic websites with a rich history of testimonials and cutting edge techniques to sell your property at the price you expect from it. Professionals like Lupton Ferguson would be very clear with the services they provide and these services can be viewed on their website.

Open Houses

Open houses are a nice way of approaching real estate agents. You could get a first-hand view on how they present the property and how knowledgeable they seem, if you find them to have a warm and professional attitude than you could consider hiring their services. It’s about your preferences and what you expect your agent to represent and sell at the end of the day.

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